Novosibirskte poker kumarhanesi

Poker kazino roýale oýnady. Poker oyunu minimum 2 maksimum.

Admiral kazino awtoulag maşynlary hasaba eski sürüm. Dünya Kupası bahis ligi. Bk fonbet ayna novosibirskte poker kumarhanesi çalışıyor. Tenis tahminleri anna chakvetadze ve. Oleg Zhuravsky ve novosibirskte poker kumarhanesi ligi. Kumarhane ve 50 para yatırma bonusu alın. Kumarhanelerde çevrimiçi nasıl para kazanılır. Bahisçi franchise maratonu satın al.

Chelyabinskteki kumarhane kaplı – Dürüst İnternet çevrimiçi kumarhane bonuslu

Abd novosibirskte poker kumarhanesi rusya hokey bahisleri. Belgorod bahis liginde bahisçi..

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  1. Nice comeback after a difficult start.
    Out of curiosity, why is there a sheet of paper handed with the pot at 6:35?

  2. 2/5 at first can be intimidating but dont give up. Good job.

  3. Love your content… your vlog is by far the BEST and i watch pretty much all of them. If youre ever on the east coast, stop by MGM(National Harbor) in Oxon Hill Md…its right outside Washington D.C.
    I would love to play with you!!!

  4. These videos are pretty sick. Really appreciate the low limit play, as that is ideal for my range. Learning a lot. Great commentary and great editing.

  5. Not sure how long you’ve been playing poker but if it hasn’t been long plz don’t jump to 2-5 for the sake of making better blogging content. 2-5 swings can be really bad. They can deplete ur bank roll in 2-4 sessions if ur only used to playing 1-3. Stick to 1-3 till u can consistently beat that game and have put at least 1,000 hours into it in order to get a good sample size. I suggest u track ur winning and losing sessions with the help of an app. That will give u a good sense of direction, and wether or not u should tackle the 2-5. But take ur time. Don’t rush it.

  6. Is it somewhat ironic that you lost your first hand in 2/5 to 2 5 off?!

  7. Hey there, would love to get you on our podcast to discuss your poker success and videos. Where can we send an official email request?

  8. Hey buddy awesome channel at about 11 Min you show on the graphic that you lost with a set of 10s vs pocket 7s but you win the hand !! Also I know people love when you get right to the felt but I like your persona and think you could chat up the start of your games a bit more allow your audience to see more of who you really are ! Not too much of course but cheers !!

  9. 1000 of your own money? You bought in with the stimulus? lol

  10. Really enjoying your videos, especially showing the folded hands. One thing I might add that I like to see from other pker vlogs is how the hand plays out when you fold on the flop or turn, its fun to see if you made a the right decision. Otherwise, I think youre now my favorite poker vloger!

  11. You mentioned a few times of my own money does someone have a piece of your action? Old poker expression think long think wrong, keep up the great vlog

    1. No, I just mean money from my own pocket. I know it’s incorrect thinking, but $1800 is a lot when it could be used for rent or whatever.

  12. Really digging the vlogs … This step up in stakes and your transparency made a great combo… I will say the this time you had some inflection in your voice was a nice treat…. Not that i could do better but sometimes the monotone hand reviews take away from the really good job u do of capturing the action and relaying your thoughts.

  13. Nicely done. I felt your pain on that first AK hand. First instinct is always the better decision.

  14. I was so mad when you got coolered in that first hand…these dumbasses playing 5-2o ugh ugh ugh lol. Glad you got it all back!

  15. Wow, that was cool, nice job! This is the first time Ive watched your vlog….I subscribed. Thanks! Pura Vida from Costa Rica!

  16. First hand illustrates a rule of thumb from Harrington’s book that newer players miss… small hand, small pot, big hand, big pot. Your bet sizings were way to big, and made for too large of a pot to properly navigate. Initial preflop bet should be 3-4x bb unless you’ve seen a weird dynamic at your table. The c-bet was too big. Think “could worse call me”. Turns out no. Only better would call you. By that point, you’ve built a massive pot for only having a one pair hand.

  17. 2/5 and 5/10 no limit and 5/10 PLO are mostly filled with recreational players with money like me. The money means nothing we are here to gamble and blow off steam after work. These games are very soft so be more aggressive. If you keep your reputation youll get no action and lose a lot of value playing face up ABC poker.

  18. Atleast you guys over there can play, our casinos have not opened the poker rooms for 1 year now .

  19. Really enjoyed your vlog on the 2/5 game.
    Playing 2/5 can really give you a rush. Good luck in Vegas and the tournaments.

  20. You have some leaks in your game. I recommend watching Bart Hanson. The AK hand was bloated by you initially raising to 35. Which means it gets further bloated on the flop. A dry k55 flop you should go 40ish percent flop. The run out was terrible! Yes, the had a five… dont be results orientated. Calling with 52 offsuit to a 7x open is atrociously bad play. I would of folded river, not worried about a 5, but worried about kq or kj. On the river what hands do you beat with how the action unfolded? Your sizing became much better throughout the session. Results orientated isnt always correct. The pocket 3s. A raise on the turn is better. Its apparent someone has a 7, theyll never fold! Watch Bart Hanson, to reiterate, youll learn a ton!! Nice comeback though, not how you start its how you finish. Oh, and In and out sounded amazing. Cheers mate!

  21. I was trill watching this. It brought me back at that time where you take a shot at higher stakes and booked a win, its quite exciting. I know how you felt when you cbet flop 5 green chips :).

  22. When are you going to be in Vegas? Ill be there soon, too.

  23. Hey Vaughn, nice seeing your channel here on YouTube, I’m the guy that sat next to your dad on the plane from Dallas to Wichita!

  24. nice to see you bump up the stakes. im still not ready for it lol

  25. How do you float the flop with the AJ hand, hit a pair then fold? you say you would much rather a spade or a gut shot ??

    1. Because when I called the flop, and two players called behind me, there was no way the jack was good vs 3 other players. I’d much rather be drawing to the nuts on the turn.

      2 players ended up chopping with KQ

  26. I am going to be in Vegas 3/25 where you going to be playing?

  27. Who did you sell soul to to be this luck. This is fuckin insane

  28. Saw u on daniel negreanu channel the other day… that was u right?

  29. I live watchin these videos!! Post more!!!❤️❤️❤️

  30. Hey man, youre making big strides. I can tell you study the game and are becoming much more comfortable. Good look in Vegas dude.

  31. Calls 7x BB with 5 2 and gets rewarded smh. Poker never ceases to amaze me smh.

  32. Work on sizings. When you raise with AK pre and it goes multi-way, no need to bet 1/2 pot plus on a K32 flop. Downbet allowing you to continue with your entire range more often. Think your Cbet sizing needs work along with 3bet sizings pre. You’ve came a long way, and really enjoy the vids. Just some things to consider. GL in tourney play, enjoy the trip!

  33. I think the leap in skill was much greater going from 1/2 to 2/5 than 2/5 to 5/10. The difference in 5/10 is they just have very deep pockets and the skill level is more consistent, not a lot fish. 2/5 still attracts lots of bad players.

  34. Isn’t it weird to think about how the random pattern of cards in his casino determines his video titles

  35. What’s up poker beast, is everything alright with u ? This fan is still waiting for ur new videos.

  36. Ive seen how you play your not ready for 2-5 bud sorry

  37. Beast join us at this vloggers group, so we can plan something together

  38. I watched all your vids beast! Huge fan. I’ve never played a live game but have been studying non stop. Wanting to hit the felt but I’m super nervous. I don’t think I’m ready yet!

    1. @PokerBEAST solid advice. You are right I’ll probably look like a freshman in a senior class. Fresh meat. Lol! I like that idea only playing premium hands. You are really helping me understand positioning which I’ve figured out is super important. Anyways, thanks again and look forward to more vids.

    2. the first time you play, everyone will know you’re new. Who cares! Have fun and enjoy yourself. Just sit there for an hour and a half and don’t play anything unless you get AA KK QQ or AK

  39. Yeah thats a really bad call. Thats a fold all day imo. KJ, QJ, QQ, any 5, KQ yeah your beat by everything. This is what happens when new players pllay in a game above there bankroll or are unfamiliar with players and bet sizing and structure.


  41. Played well for first stab at 2/5. The thing to remember is that although the stakes are higher it is still a game about betting a % of the pot. Good luck in Vegas. Dont know how many tourneys you have played in the past but the best advice I was ever given is dont call all-in on a draw.

    1. And dont draw to a straight on a flush board… and dont draw to a flush on a paired board… Oh right, and dont call an all in on the river with top pair on a paired board… lol.

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  43. Fries light well is the way to go. This man knows how to order.

  44. I like that you show the down cards that you fold.

  45. Hey poker brother! Saw your comment on DNegs live stream, great channel you have here, sir.

  46. Headed to Jamul today …should start playing the 1/3 around 3 pm..ill tell them you sent me

  47. Forget those other comments I forgot your the luckiest son of a bitch I know

  48. I was getting kinda nervous for you, but good job hanging in there.

  49. Good luck in Vegas. I remember my first 2-5 game, made a lot of money similar to your pots. Keep up and you’ll stay up

  50. Do you have a job on the side or is that your main activity ? Very interesting to follow your sessions!

  51. Hi poker beast I know everyone likes you getting straight to action, but would be nice if you have a small talk before getting into the game, would be nice to see your shinning eyes through those smile behind the mask. Your little mannerisms also is so cute to watch.

  52. 好的平台是关键, 这里你想玩的游戏都有!

  53. Just some friendly advice…… dont call a $60 dollar bet with ace high and a king on the board when someone raised pre and hes betting into TWO people. How youd ever think my hand is good enough to call in that spot drove me absolutely crazy lol. That kind of justification is how youre going to bleed thousdands of dollars over your life in cash games. Just a heads up.

  54. Moving seats to get an advantage on a player is a douchey move imo

  55. Hey Body! KA vs 52 I may have written it once. You cant do anything against a gambler!

  56. I’ll be in Vegas then, would love to meet up man. Huge fan!

  57. Awesome video! I dont mind the hero call at the start, if they know you are a new face to the stakes someone with deep pockets will test you early, see it all the time here. That was probably his intention calling your large open with 5 2. Just luckboxed out.

  58. That’s funny cause that was literally your $800 you got back mostly cause that was the same guy that raised you all in.

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  60. Bro congrats on this HEATER of a sesh man! ♥️♠️💰💰🤘

  61. Nice comeback! And Im glad to see you step up in stakes – you can make that $800 comeback much easier at $2/$5. I dont agree with whoever said the 2/5 players are worse – theres donkeys and fish at all levels. BTW, I think the main reason you lost the AK hand to 2-5 is because he had a button straddle on, so after the cutoff called, he was getting about 4-1 on a $25 call. So, if you want to raise a straddle next time, go for $50 or more.

  62. I know your a big fan of barts channel. Whatever you do do not tell him about that AK hand, I highly doubt he would approve lol. What did you think that he was just turning like 77 or J10 into a bluff? It’s tough to beat anything in that spot. K10 is like the only legitimate hand and that hand has showdown value so is he gonna turn that into a bluff? Idk, that’s a stretch.

  63. I wouldnt move up to 2/5. I dont know how good or bad the people are at the place you play but you still need to improve your fundamentals and get a little more into studying in cashgame in my opinion, moving up could always end in a disaster if you run bad in some spots and maybe missplay some other spots. I dont want to be mean just want to help you.
    Oh man just saw the AK hand. Thats what Im talking about. AK on that board should be a good fold for you for example. Build your bankroll in 1/2 or 1/3. It was going well for you

    1. Just playing it once for fun. But I agree, it’s too easy to get in a lot of trouble in that game. I still prefer my 1/3

  64. I do like that you show how many hands you fold, cause a lot of the time it feels like people play every hand which in no way is the strat

  65. Seen your comment on D Negs stream last night. Beastmode

  66. From $120 buy ins to two 1k bullets!!! Someone got their taxes and stimmy!!!! Lol don’t go broke

  67. Just wondering how long you have been playing for man?
    Theres only 2-5 tables where Im from and it sucks being a beginner haha I lose money.

  68. Thanks for posting this! Im playing my first 2/5 game on Sat, and Im nervous about that jump as well.

  69. Great job. Very well done. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽🌹

  70. Cato, My plans are to be there Monday night, hope to see you then.

    1. @PokerBEAST will rearrange a few things and head over there Wednesday night. Hope Vegas is treating you well.

    2. @Doug McCusker yep! I’ll be there and it’ll be very busy bc of a promotion

    3. @PokerBEAST I’m leaving Thursday morning, do you think you will be playing Wednesday night?

    4. Hey Doug! I’m actually in Las Vegas until Tuesday! Except it’s sad, they really don’t allow vlogging here. Good luck!

  71. I am a new subscriber and find your blog to be very informative and really enjoy see the hands you fold it says alot about the game. Keep up the good work.

  72. 13,000 views and only 1k likes. Come on people. Hit the like button for this guy.

  73. Its April 2nd – Where are you? No video in over a week? Your Subscriber Number will soon pass Your Royal Highness Brad Owen!