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Slot makineleri şampiyon ukrayna – En İyi İnternet çevrimiçi kumarhane hızlı ödemeler

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  1. The slots by my house boring only can win the max of 700$ $1000 .

  2. Wow! Very hard to get a bonus on this game. I have been trying for years and you guys got a bonus and 3 retriggers. Insane! Congrats you two!

  3. Amazing you guys 👊pumping couple 💑❤dave London ontario Canada 🇨🇦

  4. RECORD BREAKING 6 HANDPAY JACKPOTS on Lobster Mania 2 Game!

  5. This gal loves spending her hubbies money 😂

  6. BRILLIANT GAME Amazing re triggers, great win WTG 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩❤️🇬🇧

  7. I love it Frannie
    “maximum volume for maximum play!” All the sayings I say it when I play sometimes.

  8. Made it rain!!!!!
    What an incredible freaking run…I guess guess youd have to call it

    1. Haha. Thanks Milton! As you know plenty of losses along the way but its good to see some big wins occasionally!!

  9. Francine, if only your brother had been around for this bonus. Man the commentary wouldve been off the charts! lol

    You averaged $57.01 per spin….not shabby at all. That was an awesome $10k win. Best of luck to you guys.

  10. Good choice 👍 games . Very entertaining . Can’t wait to see your next episode . Good luck all the way .

  11. Yeah, Im not buying it, I think these videos with many more on youtube about people winning on slots, is all staged, my friends, just to make money off the videos.

  12. Why did you only bet $60? Just think if you bet more what the payout could of been.

    1. This game has never paid for me betting $100+ so I brought to $40 to $60.

  13. WOW‼️‼️‼️ What a BONUS, glad you both decided to go back to that machine, Amazing… I love how you actually make me like the tunes that those slot machines play, you first of all, KNOW the beats & instrument tone of what’s next hahahahaha
    Nice Hand pay, I’ve never had a handpay, would love one but cannot ever play 40, much less 60 a bet, I get excited for YAL anyway 🤑

  14. Super very good Nice Win Big Best Boom 💥👍👍

  15. An old school slot machine really pays off… 😊 like watching you both. Keep safe.

  16. Congrats on an awesome win Francine aka Lady Luck. I have been watching for a couple of years and you and hubby aka Lovey Dovey are so cute.

  17. I had a same slot 9 years a go with only $350 wining 😞

  18. I was there last night at seminole hard rock tampa. didnt win anything though

  19. Been dying to play that game! Congrats lovely! 💓💓💓

  20. Wow I freakin felt chills off of that win like that was my money lol… A big huge congratulations on that, that was absolutely amazing

    1. Thank you!!! Tough game to win on but it was awesome!

  21. I feel like it should have been more……..Not to be a party popper but 180 free games at $60 dollars bet $10K win is very low win but hey win is a win

  22. Amazing win!!!! I can’t believe all those spins!!! Huge congrats guys!!!!


  24. I dnt have any idea about this game but still then I watch till the end in order to support you.big fan❤️

  25. So you are always showing bug wins which is fun…I know you also show some losses so wanted to ask general question of all out there…qith big bank roll feeding machines how is win loss ratio as casinos in the end ALWAYS have the advantage. Im sure amazing comps but most lose thousands even with large bank roll at the casinos and longer you play the less likely you are ahead.

  26. I love how you show each other support when the other has a good feeling on a machine .And youre both always asking the other how they feel about something before just doing by themselves..LOVE THE LOVE🥰AND RESPECT GUYS!!

  27. Lol! Congratulations!
    I saw this one on Mark and Gretchen’s channel a while back! I think it was during one of their livestreams. I don’t remember how many retriggers Mark got, but there were quite a few and I remember it got to the stage that Mark was begging the game not to retrigger anymore, as it was going on for so long!! Lol! I don’t think that Mark likes to play one machine for too long, especially on his livestreams. But it was amusing to watch!

    Awesome win. I’m really happy for you guys. 👏🏼

    1. Thank you so much!!! This game has potential 🙂🙂😆

  28. That was so great! Hi to your Mom! I love when she cheers you guys on!

  29. 👍🍀🍀❤️🎈🎈🎈are you on 🔥again good luck ll🦊woods in ct. yes killamanjarobonus auesome. I never had 85 spins

  30. Thats awesome!!! You had Gertrude rooting for you too 😉 lol Thats fun–great hit!

  31. The thing about the game is that you need like all the re-triggers to get a jackpot..still awesome as always..👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  32. I watch your thanks giving give away last year I admire your kindness be care full your so beautiful and your smiles are so captivating by you carry your self so respected your guy must known hes lucky 💗 oooooooo much blessing.

  33. Hey Lady Luck, the As are called Aces. Cmon now. Have hubby teach you the gaming lingo

  34. Wowww Lady Luck super 👌 👏 nice bravo 👏 👍 you are awesome 👌 👏 😀 🙌 👍 😎 good luck 👍 💓

  35. Great Win!! Im trying this one, on my next HardRock visit!! 🤑😊

  36. Lessee, 180 games at 60 a game: (hums as he does math) Hmm hmm, hmm-hmm hmm hmmmm….that comes at 10,800 for fair value if they paid at break-even. So you came close with 10,263 (only short by 537). But that you had over ten grand in free play no small feat. Congrats! I take it you’re up over 8 grand this video (since you blew through your first buy in too quick)?

  37. That was so cool! I cant wait to see what you have in store next!
    So much love and luck from A

  38. The antelope with the tall antlers is a Greater Kudu. Its horns twist upward like a corkscrew.

  39. High roller machine? Too me that machine is a little bit tight… you should be hitting at least every three spins! Some I’ve watched is like every five spins

  40. Thats crazy that it gives 45 free games to start, thats the most on any game ive ever heard of

  41. Hi there….I watch your videos and think you are so sweet. You should come to Denver Colorado. We have Blackhawk & Central City just 20 miles up the Hill-Mountains, very fun casinos here.

  42. Thats so crazy we just played it also. Congratulations on the big win!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  43. Glad you were able to pull it off but, I feel you get this amount much easier on Cleo2. Congrats
    L/D Luck

  44. Nicely done you two.
    Mind how you go.

  45. Hope you bank your winnings sure you would you two are smart cookies l am watching you from Australia l don’t gamble found you on YouTube some how and thought this is fun to watch good luck you two win big xx

  46. I gotta go bed and be late for work cause that video was so long lol

  47. Incredible! So awesome to watch this one and those free spins. Congrats!!!