Novosibirsk çıkış kumarhanesi

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FlaNsk на Фрунзе 20, 20 этаж Рядом НИИТО, Mariott Hotel, Центральный парк

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Нежные апартаменты в самом центре Новосибирска

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  1. is very nice,I was wondering if you be interested to license some videos to us?

  2. This is exactly the kind of video I want in a place that doesnt make it to the Michelin guidebooks ( thank goodness). This video tells me more about a city than all the overcrowded tourist spots videos. The city is half the size of Philadelphia, and has a similar feel. None of that pretentious mega city attitude

  3. Novosibirsk is a wery beutifull place,around is taiga and i can feel something good in the air even by watching a video…

  4. Что за видео без коментариев

  5. Nice walk👍👍👍 Nice video!!!! Russia is beautiful country!!!

  6. Будут видео по зимнему Новосибирску?

    1. по возможности, пока Санкт-Петербург

  7. Thank you so much! Exactly that type video I was looking for a long time.

  8. Good job in terms of discovering Russia outside of Moscow for rest of the world , but it is hardly to believe that any western tourist would visit this city anytime soon, due to its old and outdated infrastructure and lack of historical buildings with most of them seems were built in 1930-50 back in Stalins rule..

    1. What the fuck, the city looks clean and quite modern with some great architecture (by the way the stalin era architecture is fucking awesome too). But I guess you ukrainiana cant stop being butthurt.

    2. More than 400 thousand foreign tourists visit this city every year.

  9. Правда, а что означает эта красная линия????