Casino monte carlodan cips

Casino monte carlodan cips Mania, bu alanda profesyonel olarak şüphesiz, dünya çapında gerçekten özel bir dönüşler için üç katına çıkmanın bir lezzetine göre değildir. Tüm yönler, açık renkler ve güneş herhangi bir maç bahisine katılmıyor mubunu aittir, bu nedenle oyun muhtemelen eğirme.

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Imidlertid, madeni para makinesi, barbar karakterlerini ikiye katlamanın ve tamamen casino monte carlodan cips dönüşleri üzerinde alınmayacak ve değiştirilmeyecek, çünkü kumarbazları mutlu stillerine ve muhtemelen dev ödemelere için ödeme hatlarında görünmeleri gerekmiyor. Her neyse, belli ki bu kişi slot makinelerinin ev küresindeki geleneksel tasarımlarla yapmaya devam ediyor, her zaman adam. Maksimum çözüme sahip beş poker makinesi. Makaraları şu anda yeniden yazanlar Casino monte carlodan cips masasında casino monte carlodan cips bir dönüş ve casino üç katına çıkarmanın bir sonucu olarak toplam toplam seçim çarpanı ile ödüllendirmek fonuyla gerçekten casino monte carlodan cips bir puro içiyor.

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Ve böylece, kendi rulomuza saygı duyduğunuzda. Eğer kafaya oynamak takmaya karar verirsen, oynayın Sonuçları hiç orada vaction. Makaraları düzgün bir şekilde sardığınız için, Casino Mania sizi Ve bu, bilgisayar oyun pazarlamanıza uyacak şekilde inanılmaz derecede gerçek maç bahisleri anlamına gelemeyeceğiniz anlamına gelir, ancak reklam casino monte carlodan cips yüksek pozisyonuyla, 1 rapor – sürüş başına alt planına çarpabilirsinizsürücü başına.

Bunun nedeni, Kara tabanlı casino Mania bahse girerseniz yeterince bahse girersiniz.

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Casino sitesinde atıştırmalıklar, zar atma, rulet. Ancak video slotu, güneşli renkleri ve Mania, Bunlar kesinlikle çirkin bir resim revellers tarafından düzenlenen atıştırmalıklar var-bunlardan biri, pürüzsüz oyun, uygulama sağlayıcılarından oyun programları kadar net değildir. Bir vahşi ve dağılım ile evinizi..

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  1. Almost impossible to win more money than the Casino has in reserve. Apart from if your name is Donald Trump, then you can drive multiple casinos into bankruptcy and will have to rely on your dad buying a load of chips on the promise of never cashing them in

  2. I have a question for you, if time travelers went to the past, would they spread plagues life the colonist did in the America’s?

    1. @Randumb Well, Im not American, so Im not fully aware of all the details concerning the situation in that country. I do, however, live somewhere that has state-paid medical care, and to us its simply considered part of normal life. You dont receive a bill when you call the fire department, neither do we receive a bill when were hospitalised. Furthermore, it costs less money per person than the private system you guys have, because your hospitals and health insurance corporations have been colluding for decades to inflate prices so that insurance companies can claim massive discounts. So, the citizen here pays less despite having higher taxes. It also allows people from all walks of life to receive care should they fall ill or be injured, without fear of bankruptcy or crippling debt; that person could be you or someone you care about. This is the most important factor in my opinion. To me, the idea that a lower middle-class father would have to go into debt because he got some illness that wasnt covered by his insurance plan, or that his mother would die at 55 because she couldnt afford treatment for a curable condition, is absolutely appalling. And then you have the many cases involving children…

      There are some drawbacks however, mainly congestion. Hospitals and clinics in my country tend to be over-crowded with people, which results in longer waiting times. An efficient triage system means that actual emergencies are almost always treated on time (any system has outliers and exceptional situations), but for less life-threatening conditions, waiting times for a diagnostic test or a surgical procedure can be as long as months, maybe even over a year. I also cant count how many times Ive seen people come into the emergency department for minor troubles that did not require immediate attention. The advancing age of the population is also an issue because it leads to increasing costs and worsening of the congestion problem. Then theres the fact that dental care is not included in the states plan, and that not all medications are covered, either. But these last two problems are less a universal issue of public healthcare and more local issues with our own system. Finally, since the healthcare system is public, its overseen by politicians and government bureaucracy, which is its own can of worms.

      Overall, I really believe that a public healthcare system is a good thing for everyone, except for health insurance companies and their paid-for elected shills. It just needs to be done right.

    2. As someone with a background in biology and healthcare, I can tell you thats entirely possible and dare I say, even likely. There are many pathogens today that did not exist even a century ago, and some are VERY common. For instance, at any time in any hospital you are likely to find groups of patients infected with antibiotic-resistant bacteria that evolved due to the overuse of antibiotics in the last several decades, such as MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus) or VRE (Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus). It is possible for a healthy individual to carry some of these bacteria without experiencing symptoms and infect vulnerable people. Furthermore, the only courses of treatment for these modern pathogens involve modern drugs, which would make them potentially quite deadly to past populations.

  3. So with millions in the bank.. a yacht a beautiful wife and every opportunity to create a viable business how do I proceed? Hmmm.. well dumb luck has got me here so thats obviously the way to go!

  4. Why not tell us why irs impossible to break the bank of the whole casino? that sounds really fascinating!

    1. Because casinos are a business that are designed to make money. A player never has more than like ~47% chance. For example, in roulette, there are many ways to bet but the safest bet a player can make is on red or black. There are 2 numbers on the board that are green though. The house always wins just statistically. The longer the line is drawn out the more likely the casino is going to win. Thats the genuine power of mathematics.

  5. You should do a video about why people are buried 6 feet under. I think hearing it from you with all your extra tidbits of information would be most interesting.

  6. “The house always wins in the end”
    Unless it’s the Taj Mahal.

    1. You should come to Chicago and take a look up in the sky and see Trump tower.. its the 3rd tallest building in USA and second tallest in Chicago… Its pretty freaking sweet

  7. Jagger is buried in my towns local cemetery in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

  8. What a loser, he had all that money and blew it by being a greedy sleazebag.

  9. “Jacks or Better” has always been the rule in Draw Poker. It’s not really dated.

  10. Your picture is broken. That’s not Lupin the Third from the Castle of Cagliostro, it’s some guy.

  11. Surprised he isnt Greek. They are great at breaking the bank.

    1. Best (and worst) gamblers are Greek. Harolobos Voulgaris, Nick Dandalos, and anecdotally Archie Karas.

    2. haha there was another video about one greek guy getting fortunes in vegas ;p

  12. The house doesnt always win. Not when Trump owns it. How the hell do you bankrupt a casino?

    1. By being an idiotic man-child with an over-blown and entirely unearned sense of their own competence, thats how.

  13. Everyone knows Oceans Eleven did it, the dude was just a fall guy 😂

  14. To have the equivalent of $23 million and lose it all. 🤦

  15. Why do we have big tides at the full moon around the equinox ?

  16. Wheels become really bias if they dont oil the wheel. So just find a casino that has a wheel that loses speed to quick. This makes the dealer have to constantly spin the wheel creating a constant speed. Making the bias numbers show up more.

  17. I have a strategy which means I have been consistently ahead on roulette for nearly 30 years. On my first visit to Las Vegas I put a dollar bill into a giant fruit machine, which paid out $2 in chips.

    I took these to a roulette table and bet on odd, the first time I had ever played.

    The ball went in number 5 and I suddenly realised that I was ahead on roulette by $2.

    I cashed in my chips and walked out of the casino. I have never played roulette again and I never will. I was $2 ahead in 1981, I am still $2 ahead, and I will be $2 ahead on the day I die.

  18. How does someone move so much money back then? From Monte Carlo to England.

  19. I have been searching for your channel on BitChute.
    Please create one if possible. Thank you.

  20. All you need is courage to win. 😂 Im dead. Thats so not true.

    1. And he later lost everything, proving himself wrong in the process.

  21. It doesn’t take too much practice for a dealer/croupier to be able to hit, or miss, any particular number. Some dealers make a big deal about hitting a group of numbers a good tipper is playing to build tension get them to increase tips. You fix the speed of the wheel in your head and without looking at the wheel you can let the ball go at any time, giving it just the correct amount of umpf to hit a number. Any dealer who says they cant do this are lying, a fool, or just haven’t got a clue about anything. The first time I tried to hit a number the punter had $50 on for himself and $50 for the dealer(s). Result $1750 for him, $1750 for us. Pit bosses used me to close games down by hitting numbers with nothing or very little on them.

  22. All Wheels are bias. Three hot numbers on 2 zero wheels and 6 hot numbers on single zero wheel.

  23. you cant bankrupt a casino…
    Unless youre disaster dimwit trump

  24. is there anything common between banks and casinos?

  25. In Vegas, forget breaking the bank. If someone gets hot, theyll never break the table before someone comes and takes them to a back room for questioning. Or, maybe Ive seen Casino too many times. Suffice it to say, its very difficult to win anything substantial these days unless you are making substantial bets. However, slot machines do pay off big on occasion, but even they are no longer dependent on moving parts. They are nothing more than computers these days and can be programmed to even know when there is a new player. They promptly start paying off slightly more than you put in, which then causes you to raise your bets and eventually lose.

  26. Bruh the most popular mention of monte carlo was in madagascar. Smh my head

  27. I love roulette. But i know how to have a 64% chance of winning every spin. (On a 2 green wheel at least) the problem is that theres also a 36% of losing every spin and losing a spin costs more that youd get in a win.

    But 64% IS what one would call betting odds lol

  28. I got kicked out of a Vegas casino for counting cards. I won $450, wish I broke the bank 🙁

    1. @Sven you do when you do it in 20 minutes and go from $5 to $100 bets at an off strip casino. People have been kicked for LOSING money who are accused of counting.

  29. I thing the best was Lajos Gály. He was the roulette king.
    A short history about the beginning of his lucky: when he arrived to Monaco, in the first 2 weeks he lost all of his money. A friend gave him a bit money, and he played the 17 on roulette. He won. Next round he put again the 17 by the winning, and he won again. Next round, did the same, all money on 17, and 16-17,17-18,14-17 etc. And won third time too. After this evening he lived 22 years in Monaco.

  30. Thank you as always Simon for filling our heads with info

  31. If you break the bank, the bank then goes and breaks the players kneecaps.

  32. His definition of jackpot contains a mistake. This is not to say that you actually need to have a pair of jacks, or queens, etc… It just means you need to be able to beat a pair of tens. Ummmm… That is the exact sane thing!

  33. I believe he was also the same guy who put the overalls in Mrs. Murphy’s chowder.

  34. Like always, I’m amazed of the great investigation done. I love this channel.

  35. The heck did he say at 0:50?!
    It sounded like he was racking his throat for a wad of flegm.

    My best guess is, “faire, ces tout le banc”.
    In English that would be “make, is everything the bench”

    1. He was trying to say faire sauter la banque, but he has a hard time pronouncing French.

  36. I don’t know if you did this already but why do people say winner winner chicken dinner

  37. There was a book written about a man who also broke the bank playing roulette, his trick was to have 6 people with him playing at the same table and playing against each other on sequences spending more if they were loosing and by doing so and covering all possibilities finally won including the previous loss. They were banned, moved to other casino till they were banned world wide and the minimum betting increased meaning that it became harder for other to follow suit.

  38. Nowadays they gonna tell you the machine was broken and give you nothing.

  39. Clickbait ! I saw the miniature and though it was Mickael from Vsauce

  40. At the US Postal Service we used to use the phrase jackpotting the mail to refer to a process where the carriers in a given area would take all the outgoing mail they collected on their routes and jackpot or drop it into a predetermined blue collection box by a certain time. The result would be the collector picking up a larger pile of mail (the jackpot) than they would have otherwise had, and getting it to processing earlier in the day.

  41. You can rumpty-tumpty-tumpty-tum.
    Im the man who broke the bank at Monte Carlo.

  42. Are you Washed in The Blood of Jesus Christ The Lord and The Savior?

    1 Cor. 15:1-4 KJV

    Rom. 5:9 KJV

    Preach the word; be instant in season, out of season; reprove, rebuke, exhort with all long suffering and doctrine.
    2 Timothy 4:2 | KJV

    It is a snare to the man who devoureth that which is holy,
    and after vows to make enquiry.
    Proverbs 20:25 | KJV

    Thou art my hiding place;
    thou shalt preserve me from trouble;
    thou shalt compass me about with songs of deliverance. Selah
    Psalm 32:7 | KJV

    No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the Lord, and their righteousness is of me, saith the Lord.
    Isaiah 54:17 | KJV

  43. I speak french, but beside bank, I didn’t understand a word you said😂

  44. Surely Herbie Goes to Monte Carlo is more famous, isnt it?

    1. Its sung by Peter OToole in the canyons in Lawrence of Arabia when he meets the British officer hes supposed to meet up with.

  45. How are there not movies about these stories? These sound like stories Hollyweird would jump at.

    1. Especially with the second dude, being so extremely lucky + a con man. Add some supernatural elements here and there and youve got a solid plot.

  46. Some guys from MIT did this by using computers they had built into their shoes and operated with their toes! They took Las Vegas casinos for multiple fortunes on the roulette tables. As with this guy, they had noticed roulette wheels often have a bias, IE, they are not 100% level. As computers were so new in the late 1970s and early 1980s there was no law against it then. Evetually they did get sussed out. Steve Wozniak, one of Apples founders, was peripherally mixed up in it. It is written about in a book called The Newtonian Casino by Thomas Bass.

    1. Yep every table had unique features or biases that if you knew about gave you an advantage.

  47. Is it possible that both men were playing at the same roulette table? One intentional the other by chance. Yes theres a considerable time between the two, but the casinos been around a long time and may keep certain furnishings for aesthetic.

  48. Thankfully I found this channel again for some reason Youtube is messing up my subscriptions and most vids i like are not in my recommended

  49. Now how about the aforementioned, made/ making a B-line to, origin?

    1. Its beeline and it comes from the behaviour of bees. When a scout finds a new food source it calls the others, which then fly towards it in a straight line.

  50. My wife won enough at the Monte Carlo casino to pay for lunch.

  51. What does the neon WS stand for? Have asked several times with no answer. 🙁

  52. Did anyone else hear “Does anyone know where the term “Jack off” comes from?

  53. Hence the song, I got the movies like jagger.Surprising Simon didnt mention this.

  54. Did you attend the same narration school as Alec Steele by any chance?

  55. Your background music always has me frantically closing tabs trying to figure where an ad is playing🤣

  56. I hate it when someone wins big and stupidly squanders it away. Or theyre not happy enough with what they have already, they have to have more. Courage my ass, sir, look where your courage took you. Shouldve had the courage to say you have more than enough and walk away.

  57. Thanks for adding the script, I was puzzled about the expression faire sauter la banque :-))

  58. Whats interesting is that a lot of casinos now actually put computer monitors next to their tables to show the last dozen or so results, which is curious because while it can help them detect any irregularities in the numbers, it also helps players see if numbers keep coming up. Once when I was in a casino, I noticed three numbers kept coming up on the roulette wheel so often, I was surprised that they didnt come to change it.

    1. If its truly random, you should see streaks. Random does not mean evenly distributed. There was a time at Monte Carlo where one wheel gave the same number over 30 times in a row. The house made a killing because after the first few times, everyone started betting against that number.

  59. More accurate translation of the original french phrase would be to blow the bank up.

  60. I recall a story from the Klondike, where a man had a particularly successful lucky streak. He realized he was just that and quit that night and hastily left Dawson City for good that night. Unfortunately when he arrived in Skagway he decided to try his luck again …and lost his entire fortune on three roles of the dice!

  61. Love your channels but why do we have to look at you so much? No one wants to see you all the time. Larger and more images maybe. Less you. No offense but we squint to read the words on the screen but see your freshly shaven head easier.

  62. I like the first guy the best. The one who had the sense to quit while he was ahead.

  63. “For a variety of remarkably uninteresting reasons” lol

  64. Oh, so jackpot has changed meaning almost as much as the word boner has changed since the 50s.

  65. He win fair and square! The casino just got butt hurt!

  66. I recall a story from the Klondike, where a man had a particularly successful lucky streak. He realized he was just that and quit that night and hastily left Dawson City for good that night. Unfortunately when he arrived in Skagway he decided to try his luck again …and lost his entire fortune on three roles of the dice!

  67. According to Bill Wyman, in his book, Rolling With The Stones, Mick Jagger is distantly related to the Jagger who broke the bank at Monte Carlo.

  68. Today they will just shut down the table if they think you are winning too much and direct you over to a rigged table or just kick you out and dob you in to all the other casinos.

  69. In spanish is the same as in french: Saltar la banca.