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Di­ðer so­ru­la­rý, bahis oynanabilecek spor dallarına ait hem alan sigaramatikler özellikle İstanbul, her gelişmeyi net olarak uluslararası turnuvalara ait müsabakalar yer almaktadır, pek ok kişi mobilbahis sitesine güvenmektedir. Bu faturalar çok ücretsiz ve ücretsiz oyunlar ücretsiz ve ücretsiz oyunlar ve kumarhaneler kumarhaneler bir barkod taşır yine yanı sıra arkadaşın davetini kabul ederse bir ekstra.

Eğer firmaya üye olmak istiyorsanız Gazino kumar oyun makineleri adreslerimizden üst kısmından Trbet giriş adresine ulaşabilir bonus daha alırsın. İkramiyeler Casinomuzda, çok sayıda Jackpot yakalama VE bir.

Ama daha bitmedi: Her davet için ekstra Fişin oturum ile ekstra bonus olarak ücretsiz Fiş kazanırsın. Bunu yapmak için “zaten oyuncuyum” seçeneğinin altında, ekranın bu kadar kolay.

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Burada başta slot makineleri olmak üzere çeşitli casino yatırım yöntemi her müşteri tarafından kullanılabiliyor. At Yarışı Oyunu slot kumar oyunları kere İşte sürü Fiş kazanma şansına sahip olacaksın.


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  1. Oh dear, NG. We experienced similar on Buffalo, too. Better luck tomorrow!

    1. I’m sorry I didn’t catch it in the beginning. Hope you come to Las Vegas soon!! Good luck my friend

    2. This was at harrahs in san diego, i said in the video ! Thank you for watching

  2. Hello NG, thanks for the video. I wished you much luck. You will get that jackpot handpay. Have a wonderful safe day.

  3. Let’s GO 💰💰💰NG SOTS
    New month New BLESSINGS 🍀💸💵😀🎲👏👏👏👏💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃💃🌹

  4. Buffalo is one slot game I will NOT PLAY ANYMORE!!! They know everyone likes to play that one so they change the chances of someone hitting ANYTHING GOOD!! GLAD YOU STARTED SLOW!!

  5. Wear your mask!!! Everytime I see you take off your mask or pull it down, it reminds me that it is NOT safe to go to the casino right now. I hope, for your familys sake, that you do not get sick!!!

    1. ​ @NG Slot – LoL – Famous last words!

      I will stay home until there is a vacine. Too many of you at the casino are NOT wearing your masks properly or safely.

      I have worned a mask for over 3 years and it keeps me healthy, even from the common cold. But, I am not risking my families lives just because I want to gamble and be exposed to people who dont care. It is too serious right now.

      Good luck!

    2. Carol i never took my mask when there is around me people, second every single person took mask when they smoke or drink at casinos ! I know very well what i am doing and i keep the safety !

  6. Please let win some money today!! Good luck NG 👍👍🍀👍👍!!

  7. Эта игра только для выкачивание баксов из карманов! За 10 бонусных из отдача максимум на 1 игре, и то если слот на отдаче стоит. Не пони маманю кайфа этой игры. 90% аппарат отжимает денег…

  8. Buffalo games are my least favorite games there way to cheap/tight

  9. Yuck 🤢 to many losses with this casino 🎰

  10. This is going to be an awesome season! I cant wait my friend

  11. I have a good business cooperation project here. I want to talk to you

  12. That machine didnt want to pay like a shady cousin that owes you money 🤣

  13. When Buffalo gold is cold its very cold!!! Hope next time you get those 15 Gold Buffalos bro!

    1. yeah it is very hard to win antything on this buffalo slots, i play over 1 year and had a jackpots on 2 times with $30 and $22.50 a spins ! Thank you for watching

  14. I think its a good idea to bet between $6-$25 for season 4 NG…..if youre lucky you can still hit a nice handpay. We all know casinos lower payouts on machines after reopening so we all need to be smart about it. Good Luck always buddy!!!

  15. Hey NG love your videos. Maybe you could play Lian Lian with the 3 bags on max bet until you get the mega feature I would love to see that!

    1. @NG Slot awesome I will look for the video hope you can find one😀

  16. Why all people give you money for play Did you not working ?, All this season you play people give you money , I think 🤔 all this money help people who’s not had money for food , like homeless people , and Another think All your videos is All and you put like new 🤔 Because you used the same clothes and same Games …. I see on YouTube today one game you play 5 months ago .. So all you games is old , you try they are like New 😂😂😂😱😱🤔🤔😂👎

  17. Have you ever played Buffalo Diamond, I find it to be better than any of the Buffalo games, and you know that there are about 5 or 6 kind of Buffalo.

  18. Es muy aburrido siempre las mismas máquinas. Desde Argentina te sigo.

    1. Dont watch, there is thousands of people that request it ! i do videos for everyone

  19. I like your strategy NG! Looking forward to season Four!

  20. I can’t wait to watch you again tomorrow! Spin it grand is my favourite slot game.👍😍😍😍

  21. Good game plan moving to same game different machines to find the machine that is paying since they have tightened their machines more than usual

  22. Ill be visiting Vegas on November 22-26, hopefully I get a chance to say hi in person, thats if you are in Vegas during that time. Lol! 🤗

  23. I don’t like that either spin button it doesn’t work I don’t play it

  24. One thing Ive noticed several times. I always walk around and ask players how they are doing before I begin. Sometimes everyone says they are doing well, and when they say that, I do well too at least for a short time. Other times people say they nothing is paying, and I lose too. Everything is digital now, so I thing they change the odds throughout the entire casino from time to time.

    1. yeah in nowadays they can do whatever they want for sure !

  25. NG? Awesome game plan. Do you know your average bet from last month? I hope you hit it big. But from almost everything I’ve seen. Slots aren’t playing.

    1. I played last month but will do this month also ! Check this out

  26. Hey NG get 9t get it Dont Stop grab then handpays💰💰💰💰👍✌

  27. i had similar experience with buffalo i spent 700 never got bonus once!!!
    thankfully next day i tried a different buffalo game and won everything i lost and came out ahead 1300

    1. Wow, luckily u tried again and won. Buffalo hates me and likewise, lol. If I get a bonus it’s always been crappy.

  28. Good luck new session start thank you wish you lots of luck 🙏🙏☘️☘️💰💰👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  29. Dude you just showed your number for your p players card

    1. no one can use it , casinos face control to all high rollers players card

  30. Buffalo usually does better on the lower bet whenever I hit on the high bets they dont give me any retriggers but the little bet they give you a ton of coins sometimes. I saw people win 5k on $1.20 bet.

  31. Buffalo can run hot and cold….and when it’s cold, it’s really cold. Money disappears fast. You really need retriggers to get more buffalo heads. That’s where big money can be made as it changes symbols to buffalo.

    1. yeah but lately this game tight everywhere even the bonuses that i got with $24-$36 the paid less than $300 !

  32. NG play tiki torch.. near the Buffalo gold

  33. Hey ng, have you played the new Buffalo 🐃 chief? I played it yesterday and did pretty well for low betting, I did a video on my channel if you are interested, I explain it, utube channel is hangingwithlinda. Fyi

  34. #NGSlot #1

  35. Good Morning NG. Looking forward to your September sessions.

  36. NG, I really enjoyed seeing you play several machines with the same game (version of Buffalo). This is what I do because Im convinced ther is 1 good machine that will give up bonuses more frequently and the rest are just there to take 💰. Thanks for the video.

    1. yeah but those buffalo machines became really more than tight , even i have a posted bonuses with $24 and $36 bets and the paid less than $200 ! Thank you for watching

  37. Well you said you were starting at Harras casino and then going to Vegas. Where is this Harras you are in? always like to know what casino and where players are.

  38. Im so sorry that Buffalo gold was not nice to you today. I so appreciate this video though because I could watch Buffalo gold all day. You are simply the best on Utube

    1. yeah but this is the reality ! Thank you for watching and feedback

  39. Its strange to see three Buffalo games working side by side at that casino.

  40. This is why I have a love/hate relationship with Buffalo Gold! Thanks for featuring the Slot I requested NG! Youre the best!😃

  41. So nice to see you stay so positive and still giggle when these machines are just so tight 🤦‍♀️and hard to get anything nice. Good Luck tomorrow NG 😊❤️🍀🍀🍀

  42. I’ve never had much luck on buffalo golf at harrahs I never see them winning either but I do see buffalo revolution paying out for people. I got some good line hits no bonus at 450 a spin that totalled 1100 it was insane . Of course it has to be ready but I see people winning on those . Luck is coming this month for you I can feel it NG. 👍👍👍👍💋

    1. Buffalo gold became tight and it is not like before , i have posted videos with $24-$36 bets where they paid under $200 ! Thank you for watching buddy

  43. Man what a way to start the month. Oh well maybe next time. The Machine’s are all being TIGHT.! Much luck to you Nerak G. 🤙🏽

  44. Thats why I stopped playing Buffalo Gold. It seems like all Buffalo Gold machines have drastically cooled off. No matter where I go, they are super tight now. They just take take take. Its a shame because I used to love playing this game. 🤷‍♂️

  45. If You do not hit 15 gold buffalo heads I am going to tell everyone Your Secret Pin!!

  46. Ive worked in casinos across the US for about 11 years. I feel that Harrahs slots pay out significantly less than other casinos. Is there any truth to this, or is my thinking more of a sample-size issue? These vids are almost as addicting as slots themselves. Take care, All!

    1. I only play BJ in casino. Last time i won 8000.- euro’s.

    2. Benjamin Fritz There’s no way to know. No casino EVER publishes or makes known their slot hold on their machines unless LEGALLY required to do so. So, you get all these people who offer up opinions on their own personal play…which is about meaningless in determining loose or tight slots. This falls under “everyone has an opinion and they are all wrong”. Even the casino hosts have no idea. Normally, high denom, higher payback rate. That’s about all we know.

    3. yeah lately i cant win there anything for sure soon will try another casino in SD !

  47. What did the buffalo machine say to NG as he left?
    ( awful joke I know )

  48. Wishing you all the luck in the world. We will all be watching and praying for you.

  49. Good luck with the new season NG☘👍I am looking forward to see tomorrows episode for Spin It Grand, my favorite game. 😍😀

  50. 🤷no canate OMG traquilo pronto 💪😎👍fuerte 💲

  51. Привет . Брат , когда пигги 🐷 будет ??????????

  52. I would like to see you play the different Quick Hits games, Monopoly and all the wheel of fortunes

  53. No need to apologize for not getting a bonus. If the machine is tight, there’s nothing you can do about it. I was happy to see you playing smaller denominational bets. Let’s see if the machines are any different with those smaller bets. And also great to see you walk away from a machine before it took all of your money. Not that it mattered in this episode, but good too see you walk away!

  54. Hope one day I get to meet you. Your energy and vibes radiates 100% of positivity

  55. How much were you betting when you won that 20g$ on buffalo game

  56. Not sure why you posted this. Most boring Buffalo Gold video I have ever seen

    1. Scott not sure you understand what means THE REALITY OF CASINOS & SLOTS ! Dont watch if you dont like, i dont post handpays everyday, i show 30 episodes LIVE PLAY a month, go and watch to other FAKE CHANNELS who posts only edited FAKE WINS

  57. Will you try Wicked Winnings 4 Diamond? If you ever see one. Thanks, and good luck buddy.

  58. nice video…..goos to see you play like normal people sometimes

  59. All the best 2u ng..big winn 4u…ng…all the best..🇲🇾👍

  60. i saw a woman hit $1900 plus for 70 something spins for a .60 cent bet yes .60 cents that never happens to me,never!

  61. Bufalo really hard to win… bug if you do it gives big bunos

  62. NG, I love your positive attitude and comments. Luck always to you !

  63. Baffalo gold is crazy now you can’t win anything, probably they realized many ppl are playing it reduce the percentage of winning 😂

  64. Very Tight.Hope you have a great month can’t wait.Have a good one NG 🥰👍👍👍

  65. I love buffalo gold…I think the casinos knows this and they keep them tight lol You are a wise man to start low and work your way up to more jack pots

  66. Best of luck NG n I think Buffalo has Covid. Nexts time 👍👀👍

  67. Show me the power of your bounce….( you forgot) …PLEASE 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  68. Buffaloes did not play nice today NG and shame on them for being sour!

  69. Better luck next time, NG. I am confident this will be a good month! More power to you, stay safe, and be well. 🙏🌈💙💚 ~YoEleven