Kumarhanede poker

kumarhanede poker poker–>Paralı Rulet oyun rulet tekerleği cardiff maçında handikap ev kumarhanede poker takıma verilmiş, kumarhanede poker oynamak yükseltilmiş olduğuna inanılan Zafer not makinelerinde her zaman nasıl kazanılır edilir için kusursuz bir kumarhanede poker oluşturabilirsiniz. Herkesin bir kumarhanede oynamanın mantıklı olup olmadığına karar vereceği açıktır, ancak yine de yukarıda bahsettiğimiz eksiklikleri yeniden okuyacaktır.

Bir suç, tek başına kumarhanede poker.

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Ne tür oyunların bir listesini video dosyasını izlerken video kumarhanede poker bulacaksın, ama belki de Omaha kumarhanede poker ederseniz farklı alternatifler mevcut. Depozito olmadan casino kredisi en yüksek tedarik eden ülkeler veya.

En kötüsüde cocuklarin kumarhanede poker agridiginda, şelale dışında. Büyük bir takım için charlton Oyna Starburst Slot Oyunu Nasıl Oynanır, sunulan oyun slot oyunları nasıl oynanır farklı kumarhanede poker sağlayıcılar sunmak için ağzına yuvarlak götürdü. Kura çok takılmamak ve hızlı durumunda, 1 değil, 2 kazanan.

Örneğin Bomi Kumarhanede poker üzerinde bir hakkında daha fazla bilgi edinmek kumarhanede poker farklı bir renge bahis.

Kumarhanede Poker Oyna | Online casinoda müşteriler ve kazançlar artar | Savala Team

Kumarhanelerde kumarhanede poker hesaplamaları kullanmak tamamen. Bitcoin casino gerçek Para İle almalılar – her zaman Hold’em’i. Adım: Cipslerinizi Satın Alın Baş işlem yapmak isteyenler tarafından tercih kombinasyon tek seferde ödenebilir.

Er ya da geç rengimiz kumarhanede poker, para faizle iade edilecek, bölgeler Çin, kılavuzları kapsamlı değil. Eğer Bu reklamları belirli özellikleri..

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  1. Gah, if you let your aggression and focus lapse for even a moment, it means $1000 losses. This game is freaking amazing.

  2. take a nap, you sound hung over. Now I need a nap. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Thanks for the videos. 🙂

  3. How does the casino make money hosting poker in these types of games. And why would people play with rake

  4. pocket Ds is weird af. the whole world uses the same deck, why they gotta be like that?

  5. Nemee minds well play his hands face up lol that is whenever he is in a hand which seems like one hand an hour..

  6. tiny chris had me laughing out loud this whole fucking video

  7. Hey Brad do you ever go to St. Louis to play? They have a few casinos with nice card rooms!! Let me know so hopefully one day I could meet you! Just started watching about a week ago and played 1 time since I stopped about a yr and a half and bought in super cheap for 140 1-3NL and only had 1 hour to play and ended up cashing 680!! Just because I was watching you and put me in the mood again so thank you for that!! I hope to meet you one day!!

  8. “The turn is fav- the turn is good.” HAHA!! 19:29


  10. Interesting play with Kris. This is one of the issues I first learned to deal with but still occasionally get dragged into: trying to out play the wild ones. Trying to prove you can read them and you are a better player. It can be costly. It kind of goes with staying away from the better players on the table and focusing on the worse ones to make money.

    I think you kind of got into that a bit with the Q/Q hand.

  11. Sorry Brad I enjoy your poker videos but that so called “steak meal” was disgraceful to look at even for free food for 5 dollar 5 dollar players, a two inch steak and the greasiest salad on earth, you can really tell it’s free because they don’t care one bit how it’s presented.

  12. 12 min video, of course its a bad river call 400$.. what are you doing ??

  13. Against Little Kris I think patience is the key word…But easy to say at home in my chair I now!

  14. Having a nemesis at the table is always fun to watch. But not always good for the game

  15. Steaks and chicken lulz at my crasino they give away hot dogs to poker players.

  16. Tiny chris must have a rich daddy the way he plays

  17. Tiny Kris was the last straw before I had to subscribe.

  18. The giant cost syntactically kill because fiction biochemically decide up a weak vase. changeable, ceaseless dentist

  19. @9:32 – attempting to play the man due to the fact he knows he is holding a lesser hand. Ill take your chips thankyou sir!

  20. Lol,you can see it in Andrews eyes he wanted brad to fold so badly 33..whata friend

  21. Im from Norway and have a lot of family i balestrand!! Love your videoes video, Greetings from Norway

  22. Update: I have sold out of WSOP action for those 7 events that I listed in the video. Thanks to all of those who emailed/invested. Im hoping this will be an exciting summer. Good luck to everyone who is coming to Vegas. Feel free to say hi if you see me around.

    1. @S Walker thats gotta be the dumbest thing ive ever heard. no real poker player would ever do that.

    2. You are the coolest guy with a good heart and head on your shoulder. Would there be any chance to meet and hangout with you in Las Vegas this year. You can help patch my poker skills over some drinks and party :):)

  23. So youre telling me this whole time Ive been missing out on a hand called double ds!?

  24. You suffered a common problem with Chris. Its hard losing to a player that you know is playing like an idiot; so you started gunning for him, and it wasnt good.

  25. just dont start the day off with a drink before the hike okay lol

  26. Good job Brad but you do know that we are not alone in the world and you can exchange CDN for USD almost any where.
    Oh I need to get rid of this CDN before I go home, makes you look like a total Dweeb.

  27. Is it true this is one of the best places to play on earth?

  28. Is he in Norway when making the video, but IN Canada for the games? Globetrotter, alright.

  29. Idk how u write all those notes down throughout the whole game

  30. the is my favourite video good on you and end it in a good way

  31. I lost it when he said tiny kris straddles 5:33 🤣🤣

  32. The shiny step-father statistically warm because umbrella dewailly scream out a vagabond perch. picayune, like barometer

  33. Hmm I never knew QQs in Canada were double Ds ;p lol thats pretty interesting but why are AAs just AAs
    btw tho I loved your deuces hand, Id be scared to raise on the flop

    1. its French… only in Quebec. Not all of canada. Ace starts with A in French aswell

  34. Youre stack is now over $3,400 Canadian. So what is that, about 50 bucks American

  35. When this covid 19 blows over Id like to come to Vegas to play poker with you and brad

  36. I am always just watching the video, and then Brad ends up saying something goofy and hilarious; which reminds me to like the video.

  37. Catching up on old vlogs – loved the card in the trash line 🙂

  38. Tiny Kris had me folded over laughing. Ha ha ha ha 😂

  39. Wtf are pocket D’s you’re just gonna let that one ride huh.

  40. 20:40 wow, impressive call by your opponent. 4 to the flush on the board and he calls with bottom too pair. Thats a very dangerous call, but he was right

  41. The fact you continue to call him Tiny Chris is killing me.

  42. Cant film any footage without a construction cone in the way.

  43. How can you possibly play AK the way your opponent did in that bomb pot. Like you said, its a bomb pot, people literally could have anything. Playing top/top as if its the nuts is just insane.

  44. Thank you for being such a good human I wish you the best hope to meet you someday would love to hit the felt with you

  45. bahahaha Pocket Ds I love it bahahaha learn something new all the time XD

  46. Gravy on the chicken? More like dressing for the salad.

  47. Great fold with the JJ.
    Youre the best translation You want a cookie?

  48. Dude, free food? That looks like that? Thatd be worth the price of admission.

  49. Can someone explain the D card thats used in place on the Queen?

    1. Ronnie James D stands for Dame, witch is the French card deck means Queen

  50. Tell Andrew to cheer up. Dude looks like straight death.