Volkan casino com moskova

Meslek bahisçisi hakkında ! -infosite

Aynı hikaye ve etkileşimli kulüpler. Rusya’da izin verilen çevrimiçi kumarhaneler. Hızlı, kuyruksuz, kuyruksuz ve herhangi. Oyun aralığı, tüm müşterilerin arzularını. Basketbolda fonbet’e nasıl bahis yapılır. Ancak en önemli şey, hizmetler. SMS kurbağaları olmadan kayıt olmadan.

Moskova’da tecrübesiz bir bahis bürosunda çalışmak !

Nadir, herhangi bir modern kişi karşılamak için yeterlidir. Çevrimiçi slot makinelerinde oynamayı nasıl. Xbet spor bahisleri uygulamasını indirin. Telefonunuzdan Olymp bk kontör nasıl.

Moskova’da Fonbet güvenlik görevlisi işleri ! ace

Bonus teklifleri ve hisse volkan casino com moskova, yüksek kaliteli bir oyun kuruluşunun cömert bir politikasının bir işaretidir. Bahisçi yorumları william hill..

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  2. funny how the streamers get the massiv wins so many times,
    all are fakes.
    ante ogge and co, your names sounds so fucking stupid and your voice is gay!

  3. Il a frappé fort ton casino 😉😂😂😂😂😂😭😭😭

  4. Thumbnail guy is a douche bag and the person who made the thumbnail just wants attention by putting a fake win on the thumbnail. These casino affiliated streamers are boring since they are using casino money to play like this.

  5. All bullshit low pay workers for the casinos lol idiots

  6. What a surprise. Streamers can win impossible bonuses to hook people in. The reality is 90% streamers use fake money other 10% referral money + bonus money from the casino. This should be illegal. Basically no matter what they say dont do this etc the ref link always there. Sooner or later this going to be illegal.

    1. You can do what they do too. Maybe not like Xposed, but Rosh and Beef are two that you can mimic. They use their money plus a 300% bonus from casino. They have to spin a specific amount and any money left over is theirs. Anyone can do this. Xposed gives 5% of the money to his viewers at the end of his stream nearly every night. Its will only be illegal if the streamers are getting a fixed slot machine, which is not the case. And if you pay attention to the losses they lose quite a bit.

    2. @Jupiter Yep. All streamer playing with fake money was given to them by casinos and hook peope in. I really hope sooner or later this is illegal to stream.

    3. I always told them in chat about same thing and guess what!? From 400 people, maybe more than 50% added bad comments tagging me🤣🤦‍♂️ Some people are naive, cause I dont want to offend nobody by saying stupid🙂

  7. Σιγά μην σκίσετε κανένα καλσόν….!!!!,!

  8. Its sad how many dumb people are on this comment section thinking its their own money they are playing with. Pathetic

  9. my name is there on rebirth vid , on the new sub. but i missed that moment he hit the full screen book of shadows. im at work that time

  10. nice click bait with the thumnail, m gonna report the video for sure

  11. Please come for JACKPOTSAM CHANNEL is a good channel in France i speak english and french comme please

  12. And the award for best actors is. Classystew well done on your fake win and good luck ever seeing a penny from that 🤣🤣 fucking jokers

  13. It’s happening guys it’s happening guys it’s happening guys wtf wtf please clip this guys it’s happening guys , did you clip it ? I’m getting sick in my stomach

  14. if scammers would get killed like may years ago there would br no casino streamer anymore that play constantly with 5k+ balances and eind 5 days on a 7 day week. scammers should get killed.


  16. ใครที่กำลังมองหาโปรโมชั่น (สล็อต) และเว็บแตกแจกกระจาย เชิญทางนี้เลย line:@aebet

  17. Im so lost as to how slotty beef continuously post huge wins. They must be playing slots 24/7, how much money are they losing doing things like $200 per spin if theyre not being endorsed on some level by either the casino or through other forms of sponsorship – what on earth is that business model?

    1. @tattyboi casinos offer slot players demo accounts andnits an endless balance and they cannot withdraw any money as seen by another streamer that admited it on stream it’s a fake balance

    2. @Alex Pickup Ill get the rifle. Lol no it was more their business model. Some of the reactions are so genuine, I think they must be getting given +EV offers i.e. a deposit bonus that when wagered through gives them a long term edge etc, if it was purely bonus money and they were being on endorsements only then the acting is top grade. These guys are gamblers at the end of the day, they must have some money on the line (if only part) to feed the fix

    3. Anyone that actually believes this is real needs to get put down and remember these guys started off as 60p streamers

    4. @tattyboi if you know what +EV is, then you know these clowns are fake as fuck

    5. @tattyboi they get a check from stake. Probably a flat rate + a percent of the losses from their followers who get suckered into clicking on the link.

  18. Another fake ass streamer if he really won that his reactions would be much different fucking scams just earning a petty percentage off the actual wins 🤣🤣🤣

  19. Last one is exactly why im here haha won yesterday 1031,- euro with a 0.20cent spin on Book of shadows… Also full screen 😀

  20. Aussieslots with the refreshing language hahaha love that man.