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  1. I agree the machine malfunctioned, clearly it wasnt supposed to let her win.

  2. want to know how I win at a casino every time? I simply dont go to them and waste my money on gambling thats how I win

  3. You people have no common sense! Its a 20.000 dollar machine. Anything over that is not possible. Its a computer, they mess up. Poor Veronica.

    1. I dont care if its a 20k machine or not, the fact is it told her she won 8 million and therefore she won 8 million. The casino should pay up like it or not. Players cant say they made a mistake putting money into the machine after they lose and therefore it should be the same for the casino.

  4. Lmao 80$ cash ticket while she played 100$? thats like giving a lollipop dam

  5. The casino was right. Because of the pay out on what she put down on the winnings. It shows on the machine whats the payouts are! Her
    bet did not match the Jackpot ! And it was a machine era,

    1. @Joseph Dugdale the progressive on that machine with less than 20000. 8000000mil showed up? If anything she should get the progressive Jack pot. Not the 8mil. Whats she got now! Nothing but lawyer bills court costs. I need to know 3 rules gaming rules House Rules and the game you going to play!

    2. Doesnt matter if it was a machine error, the customer cant claim a judgement error after they lose. The casino should pay out in full, with an extra 10% for the inconvenience.

  6. When that happens to me, I pretend to be loud and rowdy so everyone hears. They might think Im a jerk at the time, but later on they remember my words when something happens to them. Theres a method to my madness lol. I hear lots of stories after that from people that didnt think anyone would believe them. For instance the guy that won a jackpot on keno and when he called for his handpay, the numbers dissapeared off the machine. They wont open the machine either. Or a woman they wouldnt give the jackpot because she wasnt using her players card. So many stories.

  7. No machine that takes bets that small pays an amount that big

  8. Seems a little odd for it to malfunction in that way. Like, I wonder how many $2 wins were a malfunction too, and was supposed to be $5,000

  9. Funny how the slot mach wasnt malfunctioning when it was taking her money what a rip off

  10. So every time there is a multi million dollar winner all they have to say is that it was a malfunction. This is bullshit, they could always say that. I think all those stickers should be taken off the machines and you should always gets your winnings after all they gladly take all your money. Cheating bastards.

  11. This keeps having more and moreover the past few years. This is the 10th time in two years Ive heard of this happening with million-dollar jackpots. Most of the time the stories dont go national news sadly. My sister-in-law won 300k in 2001 and the casino said it was an error. She sued and the casino claimed they removed the machine the next day and scarped it so her lawyers could have an expert look at the machine. they settled with her for 100k and paid her lawyer fees

  12. That’s why I don’t play with slot machines , I make my money playing against brains Texas holdem

  13. Gee if it was malfunctioning and was taking money with no chance of winning that would be ok ?

    1. There basically is no chance of winning, casinos are criminal and should be closed down immediately and their owners executed

  14. Thats crazy they would have arrested me! No such thing as a malfunction unless it freezes

  15. I believe this happened at St Charles Casino now Ameristar Casino in St Charles Mo. I remember hearing they had put some Wild Cherry Progressive Machines out, some one hit the progressive. They refused to pay, said it was a malfunction. You may want to check this out for the results.

  16. I wonder if they have warnings as addiction or programs and certain amounts you can but yeah I would doubt it.

  17. Bro I would bomb the shit out of this casino even if I would go to prison for terrorism

  18. going to any casino your asking for your money to be taken from you….NEVER GAMBLE WITH YOUR MONEY

  19. Boycott all casinos. We were doing just fine before they were here. We will figure out how we got along without them again. Lets shut them down. Shall we?

  20. Its happened more than once. It happened in worley, idaho a few years back. 8.6million the machine racked up to. The casino was nice enough to put her up in the hotel for a few days while reps from the gaming company flew in to inspect the machine. Clearly, it was a malfunction, like this story was, as no combination of hits can pay that much. It was determined she won about 80 bucks.

  21. she won period seems that as long as your losing every things ok but when you win theres a malfunction yea right and i suppose some ones got a bridge for me to buy as well

  22. Odds of winning a jackpot at a video machine one in a trillion, odds Your will get paid for sane jackpot zero, not a chance, odds they will cry machine malfunction 100%. People should no this do not play if you win they won’t pay no matter what and they don’t have to, it’s the one thing that attracts everyone to a casino, the advisory sticker let’s you know this. Don’t play these machines you can’t win if you win, just give it to a homeless guy it will make his day and your week

  23. 20 k max pay out… Its a malfunction! she could have got $0 they were being pretty nice giving her $80 and the other things.

  24. Should be a law…u win what it says or lose what u feed that machine

  25. I was really excited when I opened my wallet and I saw a payout of $ 2500 from *robert_uptowntrades at lG* , what a boost! Youre the kind of manager Ive always wanted. Thank you very much for your payment. @ robert_uptowntrades

  26. id get payed out in 5 mins with these clowns on the stand no bother..!!

  27. If the machine isnt capable of paying out that amount its a malfunction, so sorry

    1. It doesnt matter what the machine is capable of paying out, the fact is they told her she won 8 million and therefore they should pay her 8 million. If they have to go bankrupt doing so then thats their problem

  28. I was so excited when I opened my wallet and saw my profits of £ 19k … What a good work! You knew exactly what I wanted. Thank you so much for the payment! DM @ *robert_uptowntrades* oñ lG to start earning 🚀🚀🚀

  29. just the fact alone that this machines top prize being only $6,000 at her bet level makes anyone questioning this to really not understand casino gambling. the only prizes that would or could ever be that big would likely be a very high denomination progressive machine which this machine was not.

  30. Thats fu&$ed up that she didnt get the money. But if the maximum that the machine wouldve paid is 20k then she sould of at least gotten that. Ms. Castillo if ur reading this contact the casino and tell them u want the max payout they owe u at least that much..

  31. I get that it’s frustrating and seems fishy, however you can’t expect a nickel slot to pay out $8mil+. It’s absurd to think that the casino is required to pay her the winnings. Unless you’re playing $1000 spins you’re never going to come close to a pay out like that. The machine malfunctioned 100%. Technology is fragile and software can cause problems just like in this instance…

  32. Of course she should get the winnings I mean unless we can ask for our money back and claim we malfunction by coming in the casino

  33. I will never gamble again. Just like the government they cheat to their advantage.

  34. If machine malfunction or dont work, they should be shut down or there should be some kind of warning so people to know about that.
    This is stealing and almost every person who won the same happened to them.

  35. I would get a lawyer its not fair take your money and dont cough up when I win big it sux

  36. 2.46 Staff removing the evidence as quickly as possible – sneaky

  37. Quick story of only 36 bucks. At the end of my casino/ slot evening went to cash in my vouchers. One voucher said it had already been paid out. Idk how this would even happen considering I had the voucher in my hand. Long story short- yeah u guessed it casino stole 36 bucks from me. Glad it was only 36 bucks but still grrr

  38. Heres a thought: make the manufacturers liable for any errors and suddenly insane errors like this one will disappear.

  39. How this bunch of people still believe in the casino, Im really dont understand. The casino always wins. This is a principle for any gambling business. They take from each of us 1 million and pay only one of us I0K to make us happy. There is only one smiling face among 1 million sad faces. Get a job.

  40. I know there’s something wrong with your story when you suggest the news main stream media did any digging deeper they are as criminal as all the casinos CEO’s corporations etc they only put out what they want to try and make people think not ever the truth or anything and they do not care they can’t even predict the weather right !!!

  41. Last time I was too drunk at the casino and I lost 7k that night. I woke up the next day sober and went back to the casino to see the manager. I ask him to return my 7k back because I malfunction that night and I wasn’t aware of my losings. They apologized and gave me back my 7k in casino chips, I went straight to the cashier and cashed out. I will never forget that day 😂

  42. The machines grand prize isnt even 8 million. Its like 50 thousand… Also the screen didnt like anything up! Clearly a malfunction. Of happened to me I would know the machine messed up because nothing lined up or matched on the screen!!!!

  43. from looking at her screen shot it dont even look like a playback much less a jackpot

  44. That’s the most corrupt bulkshit ever. I hit a poker machine for 900 dollars and the bar owner tried that same bs with me so I called the machine owner and they tested the machine and guess what no malfunction no errors no foul play. they paid but shorted me 14 dollars. FYI I had played that same machine for 15 years never winning over 100 at time I put far more than 900 in every three months for 15 years, this is where greed and pure evil meet the road. They are going out of business and no one plays there anymore and for that I’m great full I appreciate everyone telling them to F off as that’s what they deserve karma she’s my girlfriend and if you mess with me she handles you effortlessly

  45. Damn that’s a lot of malfunctions and machines open the same year’s and different dates somethings kind of fishy

  46. The machine roulettes all rigged do not ever put hundreds of dollars in a machine roulette machine because it will inadvertently bet all your money at once and if you lose you lose you cant get it back. Put small denominations when you initially play and just keep adding as you need to.

  47. If they won’t pay her, they wont pay you. Get a real hobby and enjoy life sucker!

  48. I have never won a jackpot at turning stone casino that they didnt malfunction or the amounts just dissapear off the machine. Its not the machine either.


  50. These people who these crooked casinos cheat out of there winnings should sue them i won $25000 at hardrock tampa and thats what they said too the machine malfunctioned. Scumbag crooks need to be shut down seriousely how many times can they leagley do this same lie to get out of paying what you won .

  51. What about a malfunction that says i lose but win a jackpot, will the casino employees come up to me and tell me the opposite, ROFL

  52. Thanks for the info I always wanted to knw how much they was ripping us off 5 billion huh that goes to show i should buy a casino fuc,

  53. Casinos are all a lie. Youll have people telling you that the slots malfunctioned when you won $1,000. WTF? Someones gotta win the money, Casinos are just greedy greedy pigs.

  54. a malfunction is the casinos fault and they would still need to pay her

  55. How did they even know machine malfunction so quick.

  56. That’s because the casino doesn’t have 8 million 😂

    1. Well then they should give her as close to the amount as they can, if that means they have to sell all their assets and go bankrupt so be it

  57. So the machine malfunctions. Pretty shitty! BUT they should at least give that money back, the money she played. That’s complete bs and I can see how that would be devastating. Also, the symbols don’t even line up to be a hit at all anyways who plays slots can see that lol still shitty though.

  58. Another reason to avoid casinos they are cheats and will not pay off. Should be sued and charged with fraud, likely pocketed her money. The mafia still alive in Rochester?

  59. How is it Fairplay then if we loose then hows it not a malfunctioning

  60. You cant win more than the max bet jackpot pays out. Obviously it was a malfunction.

    1. Who cares, she was still told she won that much and therefore the casino should honor their agreement and pay her in full


  62. Casinos are rigged no ones ever took home 10m+ because if they win the owners say that machines too old to be here lmafo like what scum people