Firavun casino çevrimiçi cant

Sadece bu en modern kullanılabilirlik için, satıcı İsveç görünümü etrafında yeni bir büyük profesyonel için benzersiz ödüllere giden yolu döndürmek için 5 makaraya sahiptir.

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Sadece üçüncü alan, istediğiniz herhangi bir yerde yaklaşık yarım düzine makaralarda bulunur ve 15 tamamen ücretsiz bir mezarda boğulmuş firavun casino çevrimiçi cant Mısır firavununa göre. Klasik bir iz için, atletleriniz için oldukça bağışlayıcıdır, çünkü elde etmek için kazanabileceğiniz milyonlarca olasılık uygulayacaklardır. Firavun casino çevrimiçi cant, iyi zenginliklerin bir kısmını yaratmanıza yardımcı olmak firavun casino çevrimiçi cant kamerası muhteşem uı sonucunda satılık güçlü online.

Üç yanan yuva tabutu ortaya çıkaracak, yeni ücretsiz yapmak için oyunda üç gümüş ve altın paraya. Mükemmel bir bahis, bu yüzden uygulamadaki miktar cümleleri ile satır başına bahis firavun casino çevrimiçi cant.


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  1. Where I live, you are not allowed to hit 17 no matter what the circumstances! LOL

  2. #8 is spot on. I have told people to go #$%$ themselves for telling me how to play my cards. If your putting your chips in my betting circle, then you can tell me how to play my cards. Otherwise piss off.

  3. I was just in Vegas and sat at a table with a guy that broke 3 of the rules constantly. He kept touching his cards, refused to use hand signals and got mad at the dealer for telling him about both infractions. Said he didnt like being told what to do. I didnt stick around to see if he would get hauled off. Took my winnings and bailed.

  4. Never take a bunch of ADD meds, smoke 2 packs of cigs in 5 hours, and all while pounding about a fifth of Crown N Seven in said time table….

  5. Know the basic strategy before you play. Don’t be a dick hitting on dealer’s burst card.

  6. i call bullshite, unless i get a rule pamflett to tell me what to do, i will communicate how ever i want to. if i say clear of what i want then it shoude not matter.

  7. There must have been a guy Named Dick…who went out of his way to become famous by being a Dick !!

  8. 9. Don’t forget to tip your dealer, especially if they’ve been helpful/entertaining/etc.

    1. I never knew that was something to do, I’ve only been to the casino a few times and it was my first time playing blackjack at my recent visit, I bet $100 on my first bet and won $300
      Second time I bet only $40 and won $60, should I feel ashamed for not tipping them if I didn’t know you should tip them?

    2. it is shocking to us how many people refuse to tip at all

  9. I remember how rude the dealer was when I went to AC. I CLEARLY waved my hand over my cards exactly like in this vid and it just went left and she (the dealer) started telling me how I should stand by and watch how the game is played. Never felt so disrespected before.

  10. i really cant see the fascination in blackjack for an ordinary man

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    1. Only thing we see these days are CSM. Expect in few vip rooms, its all CSM every where

  12. No cell phones at the table, you must be in a seat (no standing), and no food at table are rules I’ve seen enforced.

    I was at a table when a guy got sideways causing quite a scene. It seems within seconds of him getting sideways, two very large men appeared and picked him up and escorted him to the front door.

  13. Dont cut the cheese, hold your nose and point to the guy next to you

  14. Thanks for these tips, blackjack is pretty fun to Play!

  15. The best thing to at a Blackjack table is to get up and leave.

  16. Gambling, drinking, smoking and adultery they are all related to one another. they are temporary funs. But in the long run they are a road to hell.

  17. When your cardcounting partner gets hauled off to the back room dont try cashing your chips out, just get the hell out of there.

  18. You hear that guys!? You can do all that stuff at carnival table games BUT not at a blackjack table game per these guys. Cant wait to play 3 card or Ultimate Texas Holdem and hold my card behind the table!

  19. Another observation about BJ. Ive seen players sit at the same table for hours – taking an absolute beating and lose thousands. Heres a bright idea – change tables! Change dealers! Just move to another table! Youll be surprised at how fast your fortunes can change. Also, the dealer. Some dealers can be just hot on a particular night – I believe that. If the guy (or girl) is hot, leave the table. My motto is never let a single dealer beat you in the long run.

  20. I have to do #3 with my dog when Im done eating a sandwich.

  21. If you win too much they ban you. If you lose they give you more liquor. The state government will side with the casino because the casino business is part of the state revenue.

  22. 8 other tips from a dealer. 1.Never play at a table with more than 3 people including yourself. (at least one will be an idiot) if the table fills up leave. 2. Try to sit at either first base or 3rd base (the 2 end spots). 3.Progress your bets. The only way to win is to recognize trends. Continue to increase your bet on a hot streak once you start losing drop down to table minimum. 4. Don’t be afraid to take chances. You must take advantage of your double down and split hands to beat the house. Don’t be afraid of busting your hand when you have a large bet if you need to take a hit take it. 5. If the dealer says something like “are you sure” that’s code for yo dumbass. 6. If you are serious about winning money refrain from alcohol everyone tends to bet irrational when drunk. 7. Never take insurance or even money and don’t play side bets all are sucker plays. 8. Tip your dealer!!!

  23. Blackjack in Vegas was so much better and easier to win when The Mob ran things.Now all these corporate bean counters just care about is profit.

  24. Waitasec … I dont get the logic. Dont play a continuous shuffling machine because you will play more hands and therefore lose more money. Hmm … so if you can play slower, you will lose less. So, my best strategy is to slow down play by slowing down my decisions. The slower my decisions the less I will lose, because I will play fewer hands. Does that make sense?

    1. more or less. You should still learn basic strategy because that in itself will lower the edge the casino has over you. But keep in mind that anything can happen in the short run, it is possible to have winning sessions, but the longer you play the closer you will get to the true results of the house edge the casino has over you.

  25. Best way to play is pray! If you win and everything is caught on camera with you doing nothing wrong. Then even the experts cant explain when you win $20,000. Its happened to me so just saying.

  26. So if the more hands I play, the more Im expected to lose, shouldnt I play zero hands per hour?

  27. 5:54 “casinos are paranoid that you are ripping them off”. what a joke !! Casinos are in the business of making money, they will rip you off any way they can !!

  28. A buddy of mine got drunk while in Reno, had to go to the bathroom and whipped it out and peed right where he was standing.
    Of course I acted like I didn’t know the dude.

  29. First thing to do at black jack table is to not sit down keep walking

    1. It is one of the better games to play in the casino…if you know your basic strategy.

  30. Every time my neighbour comes home from Vegas, he brags that he made a fortune there. Should I believe him?

    1. Nope. Sometimes you win, but in the long run you will lose. Unless you area an advantage gambler and it is very rare to find one of them. Especially, among a group of recreational gamblers.

  31. Following the rules of blackjack are pretty much null and void when other players are at the table….2 weeks ago at aquarius in laughlin i sat at a $25 minimum single deck table with 2 other players (covid limited to 3 players at table) i started with $300 and playd the rules within 15 minutes i was down $200 and the 2 other players left so it was just the dealer and me one on one…within the next 15 minutes playing the rules i turned my last $100 into $1400 and walked away…it helped that on a $100 bet i split aces and got a K & 9 which made it a $400 win….

  32. #8 Dont be a dick. I remember one hand when I made a bad move and took a hit when I shouldnt have, but that hit gave me a winning hand. Everyone else at the table lost. I felt bad because at least a couple of them probably would have won if I hadnt take that hit, but not too bad. Im there for me to win, not for them to win.

    1. @americancasinoguide
      Ill say it again more clearly this time.

    2. Casinos are not rigged to cheat you. They simply pay you less than the true odds on all of your bets and thats how they make their money. And, by the way, casinos are one of the most highly regulated industries in the world. All the casinos want you to do is to continue to play because if you do that long enough you will end up a loser. Its just a simple matter of mathematics. There are some games where the player can get an advantage, such as blackjack and video poker, but most people dont have the bankroll, nor the knowledge needed to beat those games.

  33. If the longer I sit here playing more hands means the more $ that Ill lose; than this sounds like a losing game that I shouldnt be playing.

  34. Dealers make mistakes all the time. You have to watch them like a hawk.

  35. If you are worried about losing the money you brought to play with you dont need to play.I always assume that this money is lost and I wont cry about it.

  36. 9th thing to never do: If at any point you think the dealer has the advantage over you, pull out a live tarantula, chuck it at their face, and take all the chips you can carry.

  37. #1 thing to NEVER do at the black jack table: gamble. Never gamble at the black jack table.

  38. Ive played BJ for over 30 years and I live in LV. I guess you could say I am a professional player, although I have a real job of course and winnings from BJ are just gravy. I love the game. Ive sat down in just about every casino in the city and Ive seen many things over the years – I could write a book. Anyhow, in regards to this video – I totally agree with most of what they say. NEVER play when they are using one of the god awful automatic shufflers that shuffle the cards after every discard. Talk about screwing the players. You know where I saw that for the 1st time? At Mandalay Bay in about 2006. The first time I saw it I asked the dealer what does that thing do? He explained it and and I just said, wow – you guys are just taking all of the fun out gambling arent you? I have never played at Mandalay since and Ive noticed the message must be out because Im seeing less and less of those devices in the casinos today. And yes, when you see a 6-5 table, dont play there. Another blatant, greedy move by the casinos.

  39. Has there ever been an instance where someone was trying to make a signal and accidentally gave the dealer the middle finger and I wonder what would happen in a scenario like that were someone gave the dealer the middle finger when they were trying to make a hand gesture

  40. Constant shuffling will KILL YOU! those casinos have created a seriously biased system. And I am a former BJ dealer from NV

  41. 10) dont try to use explosive diarrhea as a distraction

  42. Instructions Unclear: I sat down at blackjack table, got nervous, put a chip in my mouth, choked, fell down, pants fell down, coughed it up, I was okay, caused small public nuisance. I’m okay tho……

  43. Black Jack play I think its like backing horses put you money on mantle shelf and and when the race is lost, put your money back in your pocket

  44. Most of those tips that I have if you’re at any casino I’ve ever been if you’re trying to hear what the dealer will twice ask you nicely to stop and if you continue to do it you will be asked to leave so the dealer will pretty much keep you on the up and up

  45. Going to the casino is fun. But never go with the expectation of winning.

    1. Wasting money isnt my idea of fun if you dont expect to win why even play

  46. Enjoy the time. You win and it is great. You Lose what did you expect😂🤣😂🤣

  47. I’ve always won at a constant shuffler game, I’ve won hundreds at 3 card poker with a constant shuffler machine?

  48. Never play at a 6:5 blackjack table. What if the dealer is topless?

    1. @ernesto villarreal Ernesto – The 6 to 5 reference is concerning the payout for the players Black-Jack. Usually, the House pays 3 for 2 for the players BJ. Bet $10 get BJ and the house pays you $15. On a 6:5 table they pay you 6 for 5. So, if you bet $10, they only pay you $12 when you get a BJ!!!! This is a TERRIBLE payback many Casinos utilize – but I have seen some casinos change BACK to the 3: 2 paybacks because there is less play at the 6 for 5 game. All PLAYERS SHOULD NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER play at the 6:5 tables. BTW – Did I mention to NEVER Play at a 6:5 table?

    2. well it of course then depends on the dealers rack… and i dont mean chips… 😉

    3. Just making sure…. You are implying a Female Dealer arent you?

  49. You left one out that I live by. NEVER stay at a table when you spot a player that knows nothing about the game. Just get up and move on – there a lots of table out there.

    1. @Brent Farvors Actually, according to mathematics, no matter how the actions of other players at the table affect the result of your individual limited number of hands, be they negative or positive in the short term, have absolutely no effect long term. But I can see moving on from such a table just to avoid the inevitable bitching.

    2. Was about to post the same…If you visit a casino, try to seat as many friends…That know the game. What they dont mention is that there really is a HUGE house advantage to a player that unnecessarily eats cards…Likewise, a player advantage to a group that knows how to eat cards properly…

  50. Things never to do at a blackjack table. Yes… like play blackjack.

  51. also never dont tip the dealer…they get paid peanuts and a $5 tip goes a long ways to make their day.

  52. The casinos always seems to think youre ripping them off when theyre the ones that are really ripping you off with their house advantage in every game

    1. Only if you are so dense as to not be aware of the advantage. Its the most transparent business out there, so if you got ripped off, take a look in the mirror instead of whingeing about it.

  53. Dont be a dick at the table is very good advice. Players who criticize other peoples play is very annoying. It their chair, its their chips, its their cards, and its their decision.

    1. Maybe But each player AFFECTS the others on the table. If someone is playing badly THEN LEAVE and find another table. I’m an ex games dealer and I can assure u the best thing to do is LEAVE

    2. Matt pushed to add that tip when we were writing this video because he thought it was important.

  54. The casino is a business that takes a 3% markup in blackjack. Why does everyone think thats fine with every other business but not for casinos?

  55. Very good tips.. first and only hand I played in a tiny Vegas casino my cousin and I got the dealer in trouble with the pit boss. Dealer was very nice, tried to correct us, but obviously the house has no proof weve never played at a real casino. We touched them with both hands. I think we may have said hit or stand as well.

  56. Casinos can run an honest game with no cheating and a record of everything but America can’t run an honest election…

  57. Rule 1: Never play on a 6:5 table. This rule is presented to you by an American, the guys who allowed casinos to get away with adding a second 0 to Roulette.

  58. I was a dealer way back in 1978. I had drinks thrown in my face, Ive been spit on, I had ashtrays thrown at me and all kinds of other crazy things happen.

  59. The microphones are not at the same volume/ equally compressed. It might be nice to shoot in an actual casino as well- the hands were getting cut off on the sides with the chromakey. Good keying though… Just the fact at the left side of the screen it was obvious there was a crop mark. The tips are good, but these things are really distracting

  60. It makes me laugh when blackjackack players blame the misplay of another player for costing them money while ignoring the times the wrong play by another actually resulted in a favorable card they otherwise would not have received. One of the joys of being a poker player is that, should someone call you out for costing them money…that was pretty much the plan.

  61. People hate the casino and I get that but a few times I turned 40 into 600 and 20 into 700 on roulette maybe learn a skill game like poker or something

  62. Shirt comes off in a flash,ciggette didnt move or even shudder in the breeze…it knew better…

  63. Don’t be a dick, where this applies to the dealer, I sure they would rather you win every time, it’s the only way they can earn more tips.The casino is not going to pay them more for you losing but you will tip if you keep winning.

  64. Good luck finding these games, casinos aren’t offering these deals

  65. Dont forget to throw your dealer a bone or two. A bone here and there is their bread and butter!

  66. A hard 17 in blackjack is called a mother-in-law.

    You want to hit it, but you can’t.

  67. Seriously, you need to explain to someone that 6 to 5 is worse than 3 to 2? Then you shouldnt be playing at all. You need someone to tie your shoes.

  68. I split 10s and a pit-boss was called over.

  69. If you tip a dealer with a chip, how are they able to take it away from the table.

    1. They have a small container they add it to and then it is some how distributed at a later time.