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  1. I wish you couldve said what all you need to have for this glictch most of my stuff was locked lol.

    1. @xXWitcherXx Yea it is sad tbh i found a really cool female swat outfit want me to post a link? Militated made it too

    2. @Suey Cuomo its sad that there are not that much female military outfits, for an example, i use the stealth outfit from the Casino heist, with the Black pouches ( hopefully it wrote it correctly) with the Black bigness mask , grey ski glasses , and a thermal helmet . Looks ok, but it could be better .

  2. Does this delete our gun belt outfits if we already did the glitch to get those??

  3. Think you could make a U.N outfit? I can never find the right combination of clothes.

  4. If you look in the comment section most of it is talking about the discord sever and how much fatman sorry I meant batman is a awful mod and should be ban for abusive of power. And dont forget to mention that the server level is beyond toxic, I have a friend who is a furry and he was getting death threats and I contacted a mod (batman) and he said nothing can do because its in DM tf hes still in your server you should do something about it

  5. Question , I heard if you start from story mode and then go to character selection and start the glitch that way you can do this and keep all your outfits is that true ??

    1. Not that I know of, I dont really see how it would make a difference though. The glitch works by overwriting the male outfit slots with the female ones, which unfortunately includes the empty slots too

  6. If is do the 2 outfit glitch and I is the job en go to my outfit I don’t get it

  7. i love solders so i started watching militated

  8. Ur so unleading. U wait til end of video to say you need to do another outfit. Also don’t say anything about needing to get some outfits unlocked thanks for wasting my time

    1. @Militated | ライト aye I used the alternative and the colours didn’t match because it was a beige colour. You used say what you require unlocked etc.. at the start of the video.

    2. You dont need to get any outfit unlocked, you I provided an alternative for that specific situation…

      Just go do the heist, it isnt that hard

  9. Hey militated if it’s not to hard for you is it possible to make a U.S. Marshals or BORTAC outfit like with the camo?

  10. To the people reading this comment God loves enough to allow you to repent in, order for us to be free from sin , repent and go to heaven. PLEASE REPENT AND SPREAD THIS MESSAGE .

  11. i hate how rock* patches every clothing giltch after someone shows us but they dont patch godmode

  12. How do I change my male character to the left side

  13. Can you do the glitch without Gun belt if does it still delete your saved outfits

  14. Getting depressed seeing all the cool outfits you can do with unlocked the casino update outfits… since it came out i didnt do the heist successfully once…

    1. You can use the tan/green/flecktarn pouches from Cayo perico category in grassland armor as a substitute for now

  15. i cant do the transfer glitch as my character is not in the first slot :/ any fixs?

  16. I see in the comments they work, but why do you have to do all that weird transfer and specific clothing shit on the other charater, technical-wise what does it do?

    1. The transfer glitch works by transferring female outfits over to a male character. The female clothing turns into different clothing on the male, such as the outfits you see in the video, which are not normally possible to make just on the male character

  17. Nice job on the outfits! I love the top half of the turtleneck outfit. Do you think its possible to apply Noosepants to the bottom without losing pouches though @Militated? also how would one go about keeping the same style coat but diff colour too.

    1. @Militated | ライト Thank you man. I knew you couldnt on the Ghost UDT but wondered if that was down to the scuba top.

    2. Unfortunately you cannot have pouches with NOOSE pants

  18. Still cant get over the fact that your ps4 name is bigblackglock

    1. @Dr. Karlow the Octoling Howd you know I was dead 😳

    2. Your probably rolling in your grave in Chernobyl right now.

  19. Well what if ur main is on the left is there a way to save it and move it to the left?

  20. You can also set your matchmaking to open so you will join others

  21. 👌👈🤘✊🅰️👉👇👆👊🤜😡✍✊💅🙏👐👉👎🤛🤳🙏💅👉👐✊🤳🤜👍👉👈🤏👎👆💪👄👃🧒👨👦👨👶👁👨‍🦱🦵🦿🤲

  22. How do I move the main character to the left side in the editor itself?

  23. When i save the merag outfit then i restart the game the outfit disappears What is the solution

  24. one day they are just gonna release all the stuff like ceo vest,belts, and pouches to be wearable instead of having to glitch into the matrix

  25. I don’t even play gta anymore but damn these outfits fire asf

  26. I’m just wondering does this work with female character

  27. for some reason the merge outfit disappeared once restarting gta cool outfit tho

  28. I Deleted one of my favorite outfits and i just sent it and went this video and i love it

  29. Any way to just get the pouches on anything?

    1. @Militated | ライト thanks again for the fast reply sorry I just read your reply on last vid. Lol.

    2. I made a video on that a few months ago, but you can only do it with the new Cayo perico pouches, not these black ones. You have to do the transfer glitch for the black ones

    1. Please follow the steps on the female outfit exactly as theyre shown and do not forget to save the vest on the outfits that require it, as they are what allow the vest to transfer on the male in crooked cop

  30. I got a request, can you do the XOF Unit in Metal Gear Solid 5?, also. Do any of the old videos still work?

    1. @Militated | ライト Shadow Company, go down from that

    2. The black ops heavy i did 4 months ago is closest to that if you change the pants. Could you specify which videos?

  31. So what is think is happening is, the ID on female purchaseable clothes matches the id on male unbuyable clothes, and somehow makes the glitch, right?

  32. Didnt know if these were more military/spec ops/SWAT/etc so now we have a weird title 🎉 What to do for the next video 🤔
    – If you disconnect from GTA Online at any point after creating the female character, all the way up until getting back on the male character (after deleting the female), you will have to restart the glitch as disconnecting prevents the transfer glitch from working.

    – Do not forget the B&W Deco Earrings on all of the female outfits. If you forget the earrings, then the pouches will not transfer in Crooked Cop.

    – No, you cannot put the gun belt on with the plate carrier on outfit 2. This is because the belt & turtleneck are in the same category in the files, so it would be like trying to wear 2 different pants at the same time.

    – Yes, the glitch does delete all of your player saved outfits, apart from the one that you are wearing. HOWEVER, you can transfer multiple outfits at once. I have included various links in the description to more transfer outfits that you can make on the female character at the same time as the ones in this video. The reason they get deleted from your male is because the glitch works by overwriting the male outfits with the female ones (including the empty slots).

    – In regards to transferring pouches to other outfits, you can only transfer them to transferred outfits using the method in the video where you are able to wear the Infiltration outfit in Crooked Cop. Unfortunately, it isnt as easy as it used to be.

    – Please ensure that you force save the female outfits before starting the creator (the video explains how, wait 1 min if the orange circle doesnt appear and then switch outfit again).

    – If you have made your main male character in slot 2, you cannot change it to slot 1 unfortunately. It has to be in slot 1 for it to work. As indicated, your character also has to be a male.

    – Be sure to use the exact same clothing that I used on the female transfer outfits! This is very important.

    Any other questions, let me know.


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    1. So, O1P1 is only to transfer the pouch to the next slot (O1P2), so if i didnt make O1P2, the pouch will still transfer to whatever the outfit slot next to O1P1. am i correct?

    2. @Militated | ライト yo can I add you to help me get it please

  33. 0:29 i thought of something cool with this outfit. Would it possible to put the fireman tank on it?

  34. I thought you were making a master piece outfit but your back

  35. How did you find this 😂 but thanks bro ❤️

    1. @Love Gaming Also you keep the clothes, only your saved outfits get removed

    2. @Love Gaming I had the tattoos on my left arm removed but the rest were fine, just make a mental not on which tats you had before the glitch and you just have to pay 100 dollars to get them back

    3. @Mr.Dmitri Do u keep face paints and clothes that u have bought

    4. Its not! Just did it with my friend. Just make sure you follow the instructions very carefully, hell do all 3 even if you want only 1 just be safe

  36. Can you do a outfit for cyberpunk v samurai outfit in gta online please and if possible the character too please?

    1. Thanks! I uploaded a few a couple of months ago

  37. Let’s start a petition for army/cop outfits and cars

  38. When I save the merge part of it and then leave GTA and come back its not there.

    1. As in, it isnt in the outfit slot at all, or you cant equip it?

  39. Is there a list somewhere to find out what female item gives what? I want to put the pouches onto both the charcoal plate carries and charcoal t shirt, cheers

  40. Hey is there any way to get the body armour that the juggernaut got in cayo pericio heist its been in the game sins day 1

  41. Pls can you do a video that you show how to get the black pounshes on any outfit

    1. Same method as this video.
      You can only get them on transferred outfits that have the B&W deco earrings

  42. You wouldn’t happen to know a way to wear both chains and a scarf would you? I’m looking for a way to wear both the Black Desert Scarf and the Silver Dog Tags with my Black No Retreat tank top.

    (Preferably a method that doesn’t involve deleting all your outfits… I’ve got outfits I can’t get back if I lose them so that’s a no go.)

    1. Unfortunately it wont be possible as theyre in the same category as each other, so it would be like wearing 2 pants

  43. F1 Merge glitch like car to rc then rc to car (any merge glitch that works rn)

  44. Whats up with the discord channels verification level too high notif… joined but been ages and cant still send msgs or interact even in role assignment channel

  45. Do you think Doing Glitches to get cool outfits is bad game design? Transfer or not it gets Tiring. Wish you could tell Daddy rockstar how you want Belts,Vests,Pouches,Duffel Bags, And more? Wish no Longer

    Tell Daddy R how Much you want these items.

  46. nice outfits but sadly dont wanna loose my glitched outfits but nice outfits again

  47. I still have the real n.o.o.s.e outfit from the glitch months back.

  48. I’m not on PC, I’m on Xbox One and does it work if you haven’t done Cayo Perico or Diamond Casino?

    1. Edit 2: So if I did the other outfits does it delete them? Because that is what you said.

    2. Edit: I don’t have a lot of money sooooo…. Lots and Lots of VIP Work